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Simplify Your Purchasing Guidelines

Customise it & add it to your intranet

Help staff understand the right procurement policies, processes and arrangements before they purchase.

  • Customise to your policies
  • Embed on your Intranet
  • It’s simple
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  • Purchasing Compliance - Give staff the information they need, when they need it, and drive compliance to your purchasing policies and procedures.
  • Savings - Maximise spend under contract and leverage the savings and benefits you have already negotiated
  • Simple - Help staff understand HOW to purchase, BEFORE they buy, and ensure they follow the right process

How It Works

1. Customise

Creating your own 'HowToPurchase' app is simple. Just customise to suit your categories, spend thresholds, risk ratings and 'HowToPurchase' advice and links. Try it free.

2. Embed on your Intranet

Embed the HowToPurchase app right into your companies intranet or website with simple copy/paste integration. This way only your staff can see it. Easy!

3. Simplify Purchasing

The HowToPurchase app ensures staff know which procurement policies, processes, contracts and suppliers are relevant before they purchase. It’s smart, simple and targeted.

Why It Works

  • Provides a starting point for all purchasing decisions
  • Helps staff understand HOW to purchase, BEFORE they buy
  • Quickly informs staff of relevant policies, processes and tools
  • Maximises spend under established contracts & arrangements
  • Makes procurement easy
Try it now, it’s Free!

See an example of HowToPurchase in action here.

What Our Users Say

Helps promote compliance. Easy to setup.

It’s simple, which is what people need.

A simple tool for pointing people in the right direction.

Why didn’t I think of this?

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